Welcoming the Metropolitan

On Sunday, Aug. 25, the parishioners St. John the Baptist in Northern Cambria, Pa. joined those of SS. Peter and Paul in Patton Pa. to welcome their Metropolitan Archbishop William C. Skurla in celebration of the Divine
Liturgy. Very Rev. Vasyl Polyak, pastor, concelebrated the liturgy and Deacon Raymond J. Zadzilko assisted by the altar servers of the parish.

Afterward, everyone gathered for the annual parish picnic at Patton Park where Archbishop William joined them for the delicious lunch, conversation and social time. In reflection of what it means for Archbishop William to visit our parishes, it must be said that each parish priest is only a representative of the Archeparchial bishop. And
so he is commissioned by the bishop to share the sacraments of Christ, to proclaim Holy Gospel, to teach the people of God entrusted to him, and in this way to lead them to salvation.

There are references to the bishops in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, this institution is extraordinarily biblical and is an important sign of the true Church of Jesus Christ. In the present days, when after some online courses for a pretty reasonable price, almost anyone can set up his own “church,” it is important to remember that the true church of Christ has only one founder — Jesus Christ. Therefore, each bishop of the apostolic church is not only the heir to the apostolic tradition, but also the carrier and, at the very same time, the source of the priesthood of Christ.

The Byzantine Catholic Church in America, originating from the missions of SS. Cyril and Methodius, the Apostles of the Slavs (IX century), continues its path of service following the covenants of Christ and his apostles.

Sincere thanks to Metropolitan William for your visit! God grant Him many blessed years!