The tradition continues

Paska baking is an all-ages affair at St. Mary in Weirton, W. VA.

For decades, volunteers have gathered in the church hall at St. Mary in Weirton, W. Va. on Lazarus Saturday to prepare dozens of delicious loaves of paska for themselves and their fellow parishioners.

Served by the parish’s second, third and now fourth generations, the tradition continued April 12 to 13 as many workers combined their talents and the necessary ingredients to bake more than 225 loaves of the Paschal sweet bread.

“From as young as six years old to those in their 70s and 80s, our parishioners worked many hours to prepare the paska loaves blessed at our Resurrection Matins and shared at home among families and friends,” Father Vasyl Symyon

“I’m very proud of their hard work and appreciate all they did to furnish the food that symbolizes Jesus Christ as the Bread of Life.” As all Byzantine Catholics know, it takes a unique blend of experience, ingredients and baking times and temperatures to deliver the rich taste and ideal texture for which paska is famous.

St. Mary’s parishioners are grateful for the opportunity to include themselves among their many fellow Byzantine Catholics who participate in this annual custom.