“The Rosary That Grew Flowers”

Auhor pens story of 1928 Rusyn Coal Miner

In July 1928, the Rusyn son of one of our Byzantine Churches in the American Territory captured the world’s attention. At 22 years old, Michael Kusko broke his back working at the local coal mine. After five years of suffering and disability, coupled with devout prayer, he entered eternal life. At his wake, the rosary placed into his hands grew flowers.

Michael Kusko and his family worshipped and prayed with past members of our families. They also were members of the
Rosary Society. The Church of the story is the present day Byzantine Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist in Lansford, Pa.

The story, made public again in a northeast Pennsylvania newspaper in 2013, broughtto the forefront a 1928 event
which had long disappeared into the anthracite coal dust of Lansford. From 2013 until 2016, though, much research
together with personal eye witness interviews retold the story. Now that story, “The Rosary That Grew Flowers,” is published and available for purchase.

Its full-color, 166 pages — printed in larger font — reveal details confirmed many times. Jeannie Paslawsky weaves the story from facts told in eye witness interviews as well as news accounts. She combines the somewhat scattered details into a story which describes and explains Byzantine Catholic tradition, coal mining history and
local lore.

The author says it was three years of following almost incredulous situations which revealed more and more facts
for this historical non-fiction of Faith. During a recent discussion where Jeannie was the guest speaker, she recounts one encounter. One reader asked “Jeannie, what do people say — about this — the miracle, I mean? Is it a miracle? Do you believe it?” Another person quickly chimed in saying, “Remember the movie “The Song of Bernadette?” Well it began with a quote:”For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.”

Jeannie is available for visits to your area for discussions and books signings. The book can be purchased from
a secure page at https://secure.mybookorders.com/orderpage/2050.