ORE programs fulfill community needs: Women’s Day

Pre-Cana, Women’s Day events enrich participants of varied demographics

Two programs, the Pre-Cana marriage preparation program and Women’s Day of Reflection recently were conducted and sponsored by the Archeparchy’s Office of Religious Education (ORE) on March 5 and 19, and April 16, respectively. ORE Director Sister Marion Dobos, OSB expresses gratitude to the many presenters, volunteers and
attendees who participated in these community-building events.

‘Best event yet!’ echoed by all participants

The thirteenth annual Day of Reflection for Women,sponsored by the Archeparchy’s Office of Religious Education,took place at St. Elias Church in Munhall, Pa. on Saturday April 16, 2016. Three gifted speakers shared their wisdom and experiences of God’s unconditional love so that we in turn may share it with others.

Sister Janet Mock, CSJ distributed a handout entitled“Attitude and the Size of Your Soul” by Bernard Loomer. She guided the audience through a reflection on how attitude is a decision, and summed up her presentation saying, “Discern, act accordingly, respect others, show compassion and understanding.”

Molly Rush, the second presenter of the day, co-founded the Thomas Merton Center in Pittsburgh. At age 80, Molly continues to be passionate about peace and justice – especially for women. She encouraged her audience to “go where your heart takes you and you will find blessings in disguise.”

The final presenter, Bonny Diver, the traffic center voice for CBS Local Radio began her presentation by saying, “God is very much a part of my story. Face faith, not fear.” A cancer survivor and founder of the non-profit Hair Peace Charities, her amazing journey and charitable work gave her audience a renewed vision of life.

All of the Day of Reflection attendees expressed an appreciation for the opportunity to listen and reflect on how we can remain positive in the midst of challenges, recognize our blessings, and be more compassionate in our families and relationships. Also heard in conversation among the attendees was the sentiment that the 2016 Women’s Day was one of the best yet – as well as great enthusiasm and anticipation for the 2017 edition.

The popular basket auction at the 2016 event brought in $500 to benefit local Women’s Shelters. Thinking ahead to next year, please do consider donating a basket (from yourself, your church/ organization or workplace/ business) for the 2017 Day of Reflection for Women. Contact the Office of Religious Education for more information.