Christians called to intercede for, not condemn others, pope says

VATICAN CITY — True believers do not condemn people for their sins or shortcomings but intercede on their behalf with God through prayer, Pope Francis said.

Just as Moses implored God’s mercy for his people when they sinned, Christians also must act as intermediaries because even “the worst sinners, the wickedest people, the most corrupt leaders — they are children of God,” the pope said June 17 during his weekly general audience.

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At morning mass, Pope offers prayers for unemployed

VATICAN CITY — As countries continue to reel from the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis offered prayers for the men and women who have been unable to work.

“In these days, many people have lost their jobs, were not rehired, or work off the books. Let us pray for these brothers and sisters of ours who are suffering from this lack of work,” the pope said May 11 at the start of his Mass in the Domus Sanctae Marthae. Continue reading

Bishops say young people should be heard, not lectured

Pope Francis greets Bishop Mark O’Toole of Plymouth, England, as he leaves a session of the Synod of Bishops on young people, the faith and vocational discernment at the Vatican Oct. 5. Next to the pope is Cardinal Vincent Nicholas of Westminster, England. Catholic News Service photo by Paul Haring.[/caption]

VATICAN CITY — The Catholic Church needs to communicate the beauty and intelligence of faith to young men
and women without resorting to condescending and aggressive methods, Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron of Los Angeles told members of the Synod of Bishops.

A “renewed apologetics and catechesis” can help young people who are tempted to leave the church due to convictions
“that religion is opposed to science or that it cannot stand up to rational scrutiny, that its beliefs are outmoded, a holdover from a primitive time, that the Bible is unreliable, that religious belief gives rise to violence, and that God is a threat to human freedom,” Bishop Barron said in his speech to the synod Oct. 4.

“I hope it is clear that arrogant proselytizing has no place in our pastoral outreach, but I hope it is equally clear that an intelligent, respectful, and culturally sensitive explication of the faith (‘giving a reason for
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Forgiveness comes from forgiving others, Pope says

“God’s forgiveness is felt strongly within us as long as we forgive others” VATICAN CITY — Christians must let go of resentments and forgive those who have wronged them so that they may experience God’s forgiveness, Pope Francis said. This … Continue reading