An iconic pizza party

A pizza party at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS. Cyril and Methoidus in Pittsburgh, Pa. Feb. 15 included an
impromptu iconography lesson courtesy of Marylyn Barone. Marylyn, who created icons for three students who will
graduate this year, pointed out an icon of St. Thomas.

“If you notice on St. Thomas, his finger is really long. But that’s beause it’s the focal point. He touched (Jesus’s) wound, so they made it extra long,” she said. “So if you see something out of proportion on an icon, you
know (it’s a focal point).”

The party was hosted by the Byzantine Catholic Serra Club to celebrate the opening of the Spring term. Seminarians, their families and Serrans mingled, and everyone enjoyed the cameraderie, as well as pizza, salads and desserts.

Father Robert Pipta, Seminary rector, thanked Serrans for being involved in the lives of the seminarians. “Thank you for welcoming the seminarians into your various acivities, as well. Thank you for all of your support
through the year,” he said.

“We ask you to keep praying for us here and continue to do the good work you’re doing to support clergy and those who are being formed to serve the church.”

Marylyn presented icons to Deacon Tom Wells, Father Deacon Nathan Adams and Deacon Kevin Bezner. She said it’s getting “tougher and tougher” to make icons as the Seminary’s class roster continues to grow.

But it’s a situation she certainly welcomes.