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Editor | November 9, 2020

Glory to Jesus Christ!

On Oct. 11, Father Vasyl Symyon celebrated the Divine Liturgy at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio for the faculty, staff, and students.
I was blessed to have partaken in my campus’ first Divine Liturgy in years.

My name is Chad Durante, a current student here at Franciscan University of Steubenville and vice president of Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Byzantine Club, which has 20 members.
The club and its members have been spreading awareness of the East on campus since it was formed in 2015, long before I entered college.
In part of sharing the beauty of the East was the desire to bring Divine Liturgy to campus.

Thankfully, after a failed attempt last semester due to the pandemic, the club was able to bring the cornerstone of Byzantine Catholicism to our campus. Franciscan University is a truly Catholic institution filled with students desiring to discover the true universality of the Church.
Many of my close friends love to discover different forms of the Mass and even different rites within the Church like the Byzantine Rite.
This led to an amazing turnout of over 200 students and faculty attending the Divine Liturgy. Continue reading

Prayer, crying out to God is only source of salvation, pope says

Junno-Arocho Esteves Catholic News Service | November 9, 2020

VATICAN CITY — The purpose of crying out to the Lord in prayer is not to get used to suffering, but to remember that God, and not humankind, is the only source of salvation and consolation, Pope Francis said. Continue reading

“Eucharist” means “thanksgiving”

Sister Barbara Jean Mihalchick | November 9, 2020

Here we are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, one of the original and early religious feasts that came through our founders of this country who were from the Reform Movement and were very grateful for all that they received and experienced when they moved to this country.
It has continued to be a religious feast of sorts, at least a reminder, always, to be thankful to our Higher Power, to our God, who has provided so much for us in this blessed land. Continue reading

Changing the subject

David Mayernik Jr. | November 9, 2020

You may have noticed a slight change on the cover of The ByzantineCatholic World
from previous months.
On the masthead — now inset on the letter “O” in “World” — is the onion dome of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS. Cyril and Methodius. After transferring files to a new computer in the office, I found the former masthead to be a bit “fuzzy” so Archbishop William Skurla and I decided to design a new one. It’s one small change in a year of change. Continue reading

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An Explantation of the Byzantine Rite Liturgical Practice of Observing All Souls Saturdays

ETERNAL MEMORY! VIČNAJA PAMJAT’! ALL SOULS SATURDAY “The Holy Fathers were convinced that the commemoration of the departed by alms and sacrifices (Divine Liturgies) brings great com­fort and benefit to them.” (SYNAXARION FOR MEAT-FARE SATURDAY) O Church, equally observed in … Continue reading