Celebrating 50 years a sweet anniversary

Father Don Bolls | November 4, 2019

Sept. 29 saw the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Church of the Resurrection in Monroeville, Pa. The Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Metropolitan William Skurla, Very Rev. Robert Pipta served as Master of Ceremonies and seminarians assisted.

Clergy guests included Fathers Bob Karl and Joel Barstad, as well as Fathers Ron Larkin and Joseph Raptosh, who spoke at the luncheon about the church’s past. The luncheon itself was held in the church social hall and included picture displays and items of historical interest, a buffet dinner including the ladies’ delicious homemade by Father Don Bolls Church of the Resurrection, Monroeville, Pa. cookies, a slide carousel of photos old and new, and ethnic music by the band Zajedno.

The approximately 150 people in attendance seemed to thoroughly enjoy everything and appreciative comments were the order of the day. Lastly, Father Dennis Bogda, beloved founding pastor of the church, who went to rest in the Lord only a few days before the event, was lifted up and remembered for his energy, imagination, and love for this and all the churches he served.

Many thanks to all who made this celebration possible. Continue reading

Pilgrims’ Pride

Editor | November 4, 2019

Thirty-four pilgrims led by Archbishop William Skurla and Very Rev. Andrew Deskevich, Protosyncellus, traveled to the Holy Land Sept. 15 to 24 as part of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Byzantine Catholic Metropolitan Church of Pittsburgh. The professional guide … Continue reading

Very Rev. Archpriest Dennis M. Bogda

Very Rev. Archpriest Dennis M. Bogda | November 4, 2019

Very Rev. Archpriest Dennis Michael Bogda, a retired priest of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, fell asleep in the Lord on Sunday, Sept. 21 at St. Barnabas Nursing Home, Gibsonia, Pa. where he had been a resident. Archpriest Dennis was born … Continue reading

Symptoms of Inner Peace

Sister Barbara Jean Mihalchick | November 4, 2019

Today, I’ll continue our series on the “Fruits of the Holy Spirit” and talk about joy and peace. Are they possible? Oh, yes. It does require something, though: placing God at the very center of our lives; central to all … Continue reading

“I just feel so privileged”

Kathe Kress | November 4, 2019

Archbishop William Skurla presents St. George emblem to Marylyn Barone for dedication to scouting Archbishop William Skurla came to Holy Trinity in Wall, Pa. on Oct. 12 and concelebrated the 4 p.m. Divine Liturgy with Father Don Bolls. The reason … Continue reading

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The most characteristic feature of a Byzantine Rite church is the iconostasis (Gr. eikon-image; stasis-stand, support), attracting attention by its artistic composition and design. It is a colorful picture screen that separates the sanctuary from the nave, surround ing the sanctuary with a certain feeling of mystery and protection. Usually, it is an elaborate work of art in which the skills of architecture, woodcarving or metal-work and painting generously concur. Its present form reflects the particular features of Ruthenian art which should be meticulously preserved, since they belong to our spiritual heritage. Continue reading