Start a Bethany Ministry


The miracle of the raising of Lazarus is found in the Gospel of Saint John (11:1-45). Lazarus is a symbol of our imperfect human existence, prey to both physical illness and death, and inclined to sinfulness. Nonetheless, Jesus calls the dead man His friend and tells those gathered that Lazarus is only asleep.  By these words, Jesus alludes to His own Resurrection and reveals to all that the Resurrection of Christ has the power to transform death into sleep and perfect our flawed human existence.

In the light of this Gospel passage, we as Christians must transform suffering and death into an affirmation of life.  We must confront the difficulties of illness and isolation and the tragedy of death with faith in the Risen Lord. Because we have been renewed and restored to life through the Rising of Jesus Christ, we must bring the same comfort and friendship to those in difficulty, reflecting the example of Jesus in Bethany.  Because we are children of God, we must bring consolation and hope of life in God to those who are preparing for death and to their loved ones.


Bethany Ministry seeks to:
  • Assure those who are sick, homebound, and grieving of God’s continuing presence and love
  • Assist the sick, homebound, and grieving on their journey to healing of body, mind, and spirit
  • Make the parish community a caring body of believers actively involved in serving one another in love
  • Help us grow in our own spirituality, becoming closer to God as we live out our baptismal call to love and serve one another
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle for all, for the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit


Share your interest with your pastor

Contact Dorothy Mayernik or Br. Tom Somerfeld for a Program Manual

 Included with the Program Manual is a video-DVD to:

  • Help the parish organize a ministry and set up a plan for outreach
  • Affirm Bethany members in their ability to bring comfort, hope, and healing.
  • Provide information to assist Bethany members in ministering to the sick, homebound, and bereaved


There are many ways to make a difference to someone:

  • Pray daily for the health and healing needs of the parish family
  • Send cards: Get Well, Thinking of You, Sympathy, Birthday, Christmas, Easter
  • Prepare Christmas and Easter gift bags for the homebound
  • Visit the homebound on a routine basis every month or so
  • Make phone call “visits” to ask if they need anything
  • Help the elderly write letters, pay bills, understand their health insurance papers
  • Do occasional errands or light chores for someone
  • Provide occasional meals
  • Give the caregiver a few hours of respite
  • Extend caring and support to the family during the funeral and afterward
  • Start a telephone check-in for those who live alone
  • Provide transportation for parishioners in need of rides to doctor appointments
  • Start a library of books and pamphlets for parishioners’ use
  • Form a support group if several members have a similar problem