Women’s Day

The Women’s Day of Reflection is an annual event held each Spring at St. Elias Byzantine Catholic Church, Munhall, PA 15120. A dedicated committee meets throughout the year to plan and coordinate the day, working with a theme of interest to women to help them grow in their spirituality. The springtime event features a schedule of three speakers who focus on the chosen theme of the day; luncheon; vendors and a bountiful basket auction with proceeds donated to local women’s shelters. Contact Sister Marion Dobos at 412-322-8773 for further information.

Women’s Day of Reflection
Saturday April 16, 2016

Participants in past Women’s Day events remark:

● “Very Inspirational!  This was my first program and I will be back.”

● “Looking forward to next year.”

● “I have attended in the past.  This was the best day ever,  it was truly an inspiring and worthwhile day.”

● “Informing and inspiring as always!”

● “Loved Fr. Andrew’s nut rolls.”

● “I am so grateful for the speakers.  May God bless them, as they blessed me.”

● “This was my first time.  I brought my 23-year-old daughter for bonding.  Loved the speakers.”

● “Excellent program!  Had a wonderful time and felt very uplifted.  I am grateful to everyone who made it happen.”