A visit to Christ the Bridegroom Monastery

The Pittsburgh Byzantine Catholic Young Adult group traveled Aug. 26 to Christ the Bridegroom Monastery in Burton, Ohio to meet the Sisters and tour the Monastery. Natalia Wohar, a student from Duquesne University, graciously organized the trip. One man came … Continue reading

Assembly 2018

Now the hard work begins. Following three days of brainstorming at the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh’s Assembly 2018, action plans to grow the Church and ensure its vitality into the 21st century will begin to be put into practice in its 73 parishes during the coming months.

The Assembly, held Sept. 16 to 18 at St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Munhall, Pa., brought together more than 150 priests, deacons, sisters and faithful. Its theme — “Concern for Our Future: Renew, Revitalize, Rejuvenate” — asked those gathered to address the needs of the Church by examining issues of education, social ministry and outreach to encourage new and renewed interest.

From reviving ECF programs and posting videos of homilies on Facebook to selling pirohi at community events and sending care packages to students, many ideas will go from the drawing board to reality:

Deacon Ray Zadzilko of SS. Peter and Paul in Patton, Pa., said he wants to be part of his church’s effort to offer adult education classes on the Divine Liturgy and offer outreach to nearby St. Francis Universiy and Mount Aloysius College. “We concentrated on what was doable,” he said. Continue reading

Byzantine Spirituality Conference 2018

This month’s Archeparchial Assembly will lay a foundation for our parishes to RENEW, REVITALIZE, AND REJUVENATE. This year’s Byzantine Spirituality Conference is designed to equip the participants of the Assembly, Catechists and all interested adults to go from a “maintenance-mode … Continue reading

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

cardinal daniel n. dinardo: “we are profoundly saddened” WASHINGTON, D.C. — Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, hosted a series of meetings last month responding to the broader issue of safe … Continue reading