An Evening of Repentance

The 500th Anniversary of the birth of the Lutheran Church gathered Lutherans, Roman and Byzantine Catholics at our Cathedral as a part of a dialogue which began after the Second Vatican Council. The effort is to foster understanding of what we share in our belief in Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. And, the decades have tried to understand the differences that remain in theological, sacramental and church teachings and practice.

In growing up in Minnesota, some have overstated that it was a state that was half Catholic and half Lutheran. It was blessed with a positive relationship during recent memory. However, the history in other parts of the United States and Europe has been more difficult. Several commented that they never thought we would ever be able to get this far. The Lenten Celebration followed the theme of the season of seeking forgiveness, mercy and healing for difficulties in the past.

We look forward to and encourage the next two gatherings for Lutherans, Byzantine and Roman Catholics which will be hosted by the Lutherans and Roman Catholics. Although we do not share full communion, we pray that someday that we will fulfill Jesus’s command that all Christians will be one.

Most Reverend William C. Skurla, D.D.

Metropolitan Archbishop of Pittsburgh

Apostolic Administrator of Parma