“40 Days for Life”

Eastern Catholics’ Four-Hour Prayer Vigil to change Hearts, End Abortion

Eastern Catholics hold a four-hour prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania in downtown Pittsburgh.

An informal pan-Eastern Catholic prayer vigil took place at a location where many prayers are needed. Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church in Carnegie, Pa. took the initiative to schedule a four hour vigil at Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania, where over 3,000 babies are mercilessly aborted annually.

Deacon Paul Boboige, of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh ProLife Office, and his wife Patricia joined cantor George Hanchar and his wife Svetlana, and Deacon Myron Spak. Sunday evenings are generally quiet but on this day there was considerable pedestrian traffic going to the Pittsburgh Penguins game.

Pittsburgh’s “40 Days for Life” is conducted strictly by volunteers who humbly pray for God’s intercession to close by Deacon Paul Boboige Pro-Life Office, Byzantine Catholic Arceparchy of Pittsburgh the facility and change the hearts of those who encourage mothers to deny life to the living persons within them. There are semi-annual vigils, the first during the Great Fast and one in the Fall.

A “by-product” of participating is it gives us a fuller perspective of the situations and people who choose the violent destruction of innocent human life. The interaction with people who pass by provides a cross-section of reaction and provokes thoughts on how best to achieve the goal of changing hearts. And certainly our prayer provides a time of reflection on the inspiration which the Holy Spirit offers to a pre-disposed heart.

During this era of mass shootings, one can only think that it has come about because there is little respect for a defenseless human life, as the people of this nation have destroyed over 58 million persons through abortion.

Please join us or any other group in the future. By contacting https://40daysforlife.com/ local-campaigns/pittsburgh/ you will be notified of future events.