From Boston to Rome

David Mayernik Jr. | March 1, 2018

Christopher Russo met Father Will Rupp, Director of Spiritual Formation at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Pittsburgh, Pa., as a student at Penn State University. He said it was “amazing” to talk to Father Will, who was serving as Eastern Catholic chaplain in Happy Valley, and see how his spiritual mentorship
benefited young people.

“During that time, I greatly benefited from the spiritual and Catholic ministries they had there. Just how the chaplains were able to talk to (young adults) and inspire them and be close to them in different challenges they had, both spiritual and personal.

“That really benefits people to have that type of mentorship for that type of pivotal points in their lives.” It’s a message Christopher, 23, of Boston, Mass., hopes to deliver as a delegate to a Pre-Synod meeting in Rome from March 19 to 24. He is one of only four young adults — and the only Byzantine Catholic — from the United States who will join about 300 others ranging from age 18 to 29 from around the world in a series of meetings prior to the Syond of Bishops’ “Synod 2018 on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment” in October. Continue reading

First Responder

David Mayernik Jr. | March 1, 2018

Courtney Minerd named victims’ assistance coordinator Courtney Minerd compared her new role as Victims’ Assistance Coordinator for the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh as being a “first responder of sorts.” As a licensed psychologist for almost four years, she has … Continue reading

Mark Your Calendar – Lenten Retreat Day

Editor | March 1, 2018

The Byzantine C a t h o l i c Serra Club of Pittsburgh invites the faithful to a Lenten Retreat on Saturday, March 17. The theme for this year’s retreat is: “Seek the Lord – He will be Found.” … Continue reading

The Angel of Great Counsel

Editor | March 1, 2018

Journey through salvation history to understand the pre-lenten seasons. For Judeo-Christians of the first centuries, all salvation history hinged upon Jesus’s identity as “Angel of Great Counsel” (LXX Isaiah 9:6). The Emmanuel Moleben celebrated in Byzantine churches takes its biblical … Continue reading

What would Jesus do?

Tony Magliano | March 1, 2018

As countless fellow human beings suffer terribly in a myriad of ways, and much of our planet groans from gaping human-induced wounds, our government, other governments, and many welloff people, seem to hardly care. It is what Pope Francis calls … Continue reading

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The Church of Jerusalem is the Mother Church of all Christians, since the liturgical year had its beginning there and the liturgical services of the Christians were formulated there. The Christian Community of Jerusalem commemorated the main events of the life of Christ with liturgical celebrations in their historic settings. These solemn festivities, however, were greatly enhanced by the participation of pilgrims who began to throng the Holy Places after the Constantinian Peace of 313. The festive celebration of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple, as described by the Evangelist Luke, had its beginning in Jerusalem in the fourth century. Continue reading