Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh


Metropolitan William's Great Fast Message 2015

 “Considering all this, therefore, dearly beloved, and placing great store on our salvation, let us despise intemperance as mindless and harmful, let us embrace fasting, and right attitudes along with it; let us display a renewed lifestyle, and address ourselves daily to performance of good deeds.  In this way, having spent all the holy season of Lent dealing in spiritual goods and amassing great wealth of virtue, we would thus merit to arrive at the day of the Lord and approach with confidence that awesome spiritual banquet, and with conscience pure share in those ineffable and immortal goods. Being filled therefore with grace and with the prayers and intercessions of those well-pleasing to Christ, our loving God, to whom with the Father and the Holy Spirit we give glory, power, and honor, now and forever, for ages of ages.” 

Saint John Chrysostom - Homily for the Beginning of Great Lenten Fast

2015 Journey Toward Pascha - The Great Lenten Fast

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!   Slava Isusu Christu! Slava na v'iki!

Dear Faithful of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh,

As we begin the season of the Great Lenten Fast, we turn inward and look for spiritual healing.  When our bodies are not feeling well, we go to a doctor or a drug store for medicine to feel better.  Likewise, Saint John Chrysostom’s Homily at the Beginning of Lent described the Church as the pharmacy.  During the season of Lent, we go to Church for spiritual medicine to make us better. 

The strongest spiritual medicine is fasting.

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Women's Day

2015 marks the 12th annual Women's Day of Reflection.  A dedicated committee meets throughout the year to plan and coordinate the day, working with a theme of interest to women to help them grow in their spirituality. The springtime event features a schedule of three speakers who focus on the chosen theme of the day; luncheon; vendors and a bountiful basket auction with proceeds donated to local women's shelters. 

The next Women's Day of Reflection is Saturday April 11.

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Pope Francis marks second year of papacy

 March 13, 2015 marks the second anniversary of the election of Pope Francis. Catholic News Service honors the occasion with a brief video presentation.


Priest of Archeparchy featured in local Pittsburgh newspaper

Father Michael (Mykhaylo) Farynets, pastor of St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Herminie, Pa. and Administrator of Holy Trinity Byzantine Catholic Church in Wall, Pa. was featured in the Sunday, March 8 edition of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review newspaper. READ the story "Priest serving in Herminie brings a touch of his Ukraine home with him" in the Tribune Review. 


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