Pascha 2019

William Skurla | April 17, 2019

As we celebrate Easter Sunday, we deepen our belief and understanding of its meaning on our lives. The events of Jesus’s death and resurrection show our path through this life leading to eternal life in heaven. Our perspective changes and deepens with each celebration during our lifetime.

Jesus explained to the Apostles many times everything that was going to happen. They were going to Jerusalem where He would be arrested, suffer, and be crucified. After three days, He would rise from death to new life. The resurrection of Jesus Christ would make it possible to follow him to the heaven.

However, even though the Apostles were told the plan of salvation, when the arrest, trial, and death of Jesus happened, most of the Apostles were afraid and scattered. Judas gave up his faith and turned against Jesus. And only the Apostle John remained with Jesus to the end.

Just like the Apostles, we know the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. However, even though we know the story in our lives and the life of the Church, our faith is challenged. Scandals in the Church or problems in our personal lives or families hurt us and can cause us to question our faith. Continue reading

Less is more

David Mayernik Jr. | April 16, 2019

“The Great Fast is the time to get in touch with these traits of our character” During Deacon Michael George’s Homily at St. Gregory in Upper St. Clair, Pa. on March 31, the Fourth Sunday of the Great Fast, he … Continue reading

Lenten Day of Prayer for healing

Editor | April 16, 2019

From The Sisters of St. Basil the Great’s Facebook page at, posted on April 4: Over 30 people took advantage of the Lenten Day of Prayer for Healing led by Father Joseph Freedy, Saturday, March 30. Attendees were grateful … Continue reading

Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross

Father Valerian Michlik St. Gregory, Upper St. Clair, Pa. | April 16, 2019

  March 24 was special for our parish family as we gathered to celebrate the Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross. The responses to the Divine Liturgy were sang both by our Chant Group and Youth Chorus. At … Continue reading

Spirituality Day

Editor | April 16, 2019

Spirituality Day was held March 31 at SS. Peter and Paul in Warren, Ohio. Spirituality Days are sponsored by the Benedictine Sisters twice a year, to assist the faithful in preparing themselves to celebrate the Feasts of the Nativity and … Continue reading

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The Byzantine Rite boasts of two formularies of the Eucharistic sacrifice, namely, the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great and the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. In this leaflet we shall examine the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, which at the present time seems to be more popular and is celebrated more frequently in the Byzantine Rite. Before the tenth century it was just the opposite : the Basilian Liturgy was celebrated more often. But because of its brevity, in time, the Chrysostomian Liturgy prevailed. Continue reading